2021 Festival Guidebook Advertising



Email PDFs to Jocelyn Rouse at jrouse@cliveden.org.

Your ad in the Revolutionary Germantown Festival Guidebook shows your support for this historic event and Northwest Philadelphia. Get recognized!

Full Page: 5″ wide x 8″ high$300
Half Page: 5″ wide x 3.875 (3 7/8) high”$150
Quarter Page
Horizontal: 5″ wide x 1.8125″ (1 13/16″) high OR
Vertical: 2.375″ wide x 3.875″ (2 3/8″ x 3 7/8″) high

Ads can be reserved two ways:

Paying by check? DOWNLOAD the 2021 Ad Order Form and mail with check payable to Cliveden to: Cliveden, 6401 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144. The form can also be emailed to Jocelyn Rouse at jrouse@cliveden.org.

Use the PayPal button below to purchase your ad space. Please download the Ad Order Form and mail to Cliveden or email the form to Jocelyn Rouse.

Ad Sizes & Price

Questions about advertising? Please contact Jocelyn Rouse at 215-848-0290 or jrouse@cliveden.org. 

Your donation is tax deductible. Cliveden, Inc. is a nonprofit organization registered with the Bureau of Charitable Organizations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

AD GUIDELINES: Please label your PDF file with your COMPANY NAME and DATE. 

  • All ads will be printed in black and white/grayscale.
  • PDF format must be “to size” of ad space purchased. Please label your PDF file with your COMPANY NAME and DATE.
  • PDF must be created as “Press quality” in grayscale with 300 dpi resolution. Spot colors should not be used.
  • Do not include bleeds or registration marks on the PDF. Make sure to select “crop image data to frames.”
  • Fonts should be embedded in the PDF or outline fonts prior to PDF creation to ensure proper imaging.
  • Original artwork before conversion to PDF must be created at high resolution at size intended for use. All photos within the original artwork should be at 300 dpi. Webpage images or scanned ads used in the past do not have a suitable resolution.
  • JPG files may be submitted as an alternative, but these must also be “to size” at 300 dpi and in grayscale. PDF files created from your layout or art program will have better quality. All original files should be created at high resolution grayscale in order to yield best results when converted to press quality PDF.
  • If you scan a business card, please scan at actual size at 300 dpi and grayscale. Submitting this as a PDF may offer better print quality than a JPG file.


Please EMAIL AD PDFs to jrouse@cliveden.org.

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